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J. Schreiber & Neffen

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The company J. Schreiber & Neffen was once among the leading glass manufacturers in Austria-Hungary. No wonder that a number of European museums would acquire the firm’s products through the second half of the 19th century, which are now included in their collections. The patterns books were the key source of knowledge of the production assortment. Therefore, it was digitizing the firm J. Schreiber & Neffen’s pattern books and catalogues dating from 1874-1945 that was the aim of the project in order to preserve important documents from the central European glass manufacture history as the European cultural heritage. The digitized collection accessible on these Web pages will allow researchers and those interested in the history of the Czech glass manufacture to acquire new pieces of knowledge of the company’s production assortment, the use of various glass technologies, methods of glass refining, important clients, or other items. Added to archive documents, period photographs, and the history, also exhibits manufactured by the company J. Schreiber & Neffen hosted now by single European museums and galleries are presented to the Web visitors.

In the final, I would like to thank all who have given me a hand, since the project could not have been completed in the existing form without their help. I would like to express thanks to the InternationalVisegrad Fund (IVF), and the joint-stock company Rona, a.s. for the financial support. I am truly grateful to Vladimír Letko for the help in carrying the project out, and Kamil Till for creating a vast collection of photo documentation. Last but not least, I thank the project partners, in particular, Dagmar Poláčková and Marie Bohumelova (Slovak National Gallery, Slovakia), Alicje Kiliańska (National Museum, Kraków,Poland), Zsombór Jekely and Agnes Naszlady (Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary).

Special thanks go to František Blumeinstein, David Žůrek, Marie Rohálová, Dagmar Lukáčová, Jan Press, Marie Kočářová, Lenka Velínská, and Veronika Pacíková



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